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How to Dress Like A Skater

Skater culture has been influencing street fashion for decades now. Since skateboarding started developing in the late 60s’ and it


Affordable Streetwear Brands

The streetwear phenomenon has proliferated like wildfire across the mainstream culture – a wide assortment has ushered this revolutionary episode.


Best Sneaker Brands to Keep You on the Run

The evolution from the running track to the runway was a gradual progression for sneakers, yet the recent years have

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How did the Whole Beard Thing Become So Popular in Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle?

The beard trend is a new and fashionable way to have great-looking hair on your face. Men all over the world are starting to grow what some call “the manliest accessory.”

There are many reasons why the whole beard thing has become so popular in men’s fashion and lifestyle. The first, of course, is that beards are what the cool kids want. They’re what all your favorite TV stars have going on this year, what you see people sporting at music festivals, and what most models sport on runways.

In this blog post, we will discuss why beard is so popular in men’s fashion and lifestyle, as well as go into detail about what you can do with your long locks of facial hair once it starts growing out. Let’s get started!

The Popularity of Beards

It’s trendy.

TV stars, musicians and models have it going on with their beards. Many celebrities have helped popularize beard styles – some with full beards, some with goatees or mustaches.

Beard offers a sense of masculinity and maturity that gets people talking about what you’re doing in your life – or what you did last night at the party!

In recent years, facial hair has come back into style as a sign of ruggedness and masculinity. The popularity of beards in men’s fashion can be traced to the late 1800s when they became a symbol of masculinity and virility. The beard trend also started with hipsters in the 1990s.

Beards are becoming more common in women’s clothing and lifestyle too (e.g., Movember). There’s even a scientific term for bearded guys now – “the hirsute“.

man with beard

Why men choose to grow facial hair

Beards are more than just a fashion statement. People who grow beards have been found to get less colds and flu because the hairs trap heat from our face, keeping it close to us where we want it most.

Most people don’t know that beards are actually good for your health because they protect your face from UV rays, bacteria, and other harmful particles.

They may also help prevent skin irritation or inflammation in those with sensitive skin like acne-prone people by trapping oils that would otherwise irritate the pores on your neck, chin, cheeks and forehead.

Studies show that women rate bearded men as higher status males – so when you’re out there for job hunting don’t shave off what could potentially make you way more attractive!

Some people might not want to shave every day because it takes time and money; others may find that shaving irritates their skin or causes ingrown hairs.

For those who don’t like shaving, growing out facial hair can provide an alternative look without needing much effort.

Others may grow their beard longer than usual because they think it looks good on them. Still others might do it just for fun while participating in Movember during November each year.

There is no single reason why so many people wear them now – they are just another way to express oneself creatively.

The popularity of beard oil

What is beard oil and how does it help

A modern trend that has taken over the nation is the resurfacing of beard oil. For centuries, beards have been a symbol for masculinity and virility; however with recent generations where shaving is more common among men in different social classes, there was resurgence to reclaim its lost glory.

bearded man touching his beard outside

The popularity of facial hairstyles like goatees or sideburns shows an increase from last year’s numbers by nearly 10%. With increased interest comes creative innovations: companies such as Cremo recently released their newest product – Scruff Pudding- which allows you to nourish your skin while trimming away unwanted stubble before it starts sprouting up on your face!

The popularity of beard oil is what leads us to question whether or not beards are in fact a “trend” that will eventually go out, like many others before it.

Beard oil has existed for centuries and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Beard oil ingredients

Beard oil is used to moisturize and tame your beard. It has omega-3s, vitamin E, sebum (oil), and natural fragrance oils that may be calming or manly depending on the preference of the user.

Beard grooming products are a hot topic among men these days as it helps them keep their facial hair looking healthy while also feeling more comfortable in any environment!

Nowadays you can find many types of beard oil with unique ingredients like coconut oil for conditioning purposes or lavender essential oils if you want something soothing after being out all day long during the winter season.

What does beard oil do?

Bearded man in sunglasses with raised eyebrowThe top layer of your skin is composed mostly of water and lipids (fats). If you’re using a product that’s too heavy or greasy like petroleum jelly on your face, it will clog pores giving them an oily look as they trap more sebum in the follicle.

Beard oil is a great way to keep your beard healthy and looking its best. It moisturizes, conditions, tames flyaways as well as keeps the skin under the chin from becoming dry if you shave more than once per day!

Beard oils are excellent for keeping stray hairs in place while making it easier on facial hair follicles that would otherwise feel uncomfortable after shaving daily or every other day.

Beard oil will also keep your skin from becoming dry, itchy, and flaky due to the lack of natural oils.

Aside from all those benefits what makes beard oil so popular is that the look has grown in popularity over recent years as well.


There’s been a lot of talk about how popular beards have become in recent years, but is it really that big an issue?

You’ll find plenty of reasons to love beards. Some people find them more masculine or attractive than clean-shaven faces and others appreciate the natural feeling they provide when you’re wearing one on your face all day long. It doesn’t seem like there would ever come a time where we stop appreciating these facial hairstyles!

There are many reasons why beards have become so popular, but the most important is that they make a man look attractive and dominant.

How to Dress Like A Skater

Skater culture has been influencing street fashion for decades now. Since skateboarding started developing in the late 60s’ and it started carving out its own culture in the 70s’. But the culture spread very fast in the 90s when skateboarding transformed from just a sport into a global phenomenon.

How do you dress like a skater? Since the 90s, skater dressing has been evolving, but one thing that remained constant is its simplicity and laid-back vibe. Skaters still wear very practical and comfortable outfits with a casual and carefree touch.

With the growing popularity of the sport, people started embracing the skater outfit. Anyone can don a skater style. In fact, you don’t have to pick up a board to dress like a skater. You can just wear the style to look cool and have fun. If you want to dress like a skater, you need to start by understanding the culture.

Understand Skater Style and Culture

To immerse yourself into the skater fashion vibe properly, you need to understand the culture and inspiration behind the outfit. That’s how you will wear and combine the right clothes to avoid looking out of place. Skatewear is simply laid-back fashion, yet functional and practical for skateboarding and attractive to wear on the street.

In addition to that, the anti-establishment touch sets the style apart from mainstream fashion. These elements still stand out in skate dressing culture. That’s despite the coming of big brands and attracting big celebrities.

lifestyle skater style low key

How To Dress Like A Skater

If you want to dress like a skater, here are 5 key things you will need to consider to dress stylish but functional and practical:

1. Wear Relaxed Fit

Skate style is all about a simple and carefree vibe. A relaxed fit is what you need if you want to look like a skater. It is rare to find a skater in tight pants, and if you did, they are definitely not donning skater aesthetics. Loose shirts, oversize hoodies, relaxed trousers, graphic tees, and wide-legged cargos are the heart of skate fashion.

If you are just wearing it to look cool, you can add a bit of a modern twist to make it more appealing. You can wear tailored casualwear, baggy utility trousers and so on. Being colourful is not bad with a relaxed fit.

2. Go Logos and Graphics

As a street culture, skate style is more about looking different and unique without losing the street vibe. Logos and graphics are street elements when it comes to fashion. You cannot find a mainstream outfit in bold logos or graphics.

The use of graphics and logos in a skater outfit depends upon several things, including desired visibility. Most widely used is logos on tees. Recently, hoodiess have been popular when it comes to showing off graphics and logo. You can have the logo on the back or front.

3. Add Cargo and Utility Trousers

skateboarder in red jacket performing jump trick in urban locationIt is difficult to dissociate skateboarding from hip-hop culture. The two blends so well that adding a bit of hip-hop into your skate outfit enhances your appeal. You have plenty of hip-hop outfits you can mix with skater style, but cargo and utility trousers top the list.

The large, practical pockets and their carefree design of cargo and utility trousers make them ideal for skating style. But you need to combine them with tees or hoods to pull off a skater vibe.

4. Vintage Vibe Flat-Soled Trainer

Donning a skater style means a complete look top to bottom. This means you can’t be complete without a lovely pair of trainers. Don’t just go for any trainers out there. For safety and proper use of skateboards, low-top trainers are the best footwear for skaters. Go for vintage aesthetics since it is considered classy.

There are many trainer brands but if you want to get that cool look, go for premium brands like Puma and Nike. The colour of the trainers can also match with your tee or hood but make sure it stands out and makes a statement on its own. Make sure the sneaker is practical and comfortable for skateboarding, and stylish.

5. Cap It Up With A Cap

Finish off your skate style with a cap. This is one of the essential accessories for skaters. There are no limits on which cap to wear as long as it is simple but fashionable. Branded caps from fashion labels or companies work great. As long as the cap has a street vibe and stylish, it’s good to go.

You can have an NBA or baseball cap and still look great. The colour of the cap may not be a big issue but putting on something that blends with the rest of the outfits adds to your appeal. Some people wear beanies and still look great.

These are five key things you need to consider to pull off a skater look. The tips cover everything from the top of your head to the feet. With these tips, you can never go wrong.

How A Skater Wardrobe Look Like

The skater’s wardrobe doesn’t have to be exaggerated. Like the skate culture, simplicity and comfort come first, but you also need to look classy and elegant. For a skate style vibe, here are the main wears you need to have in your wardrobe:

  1. Skate shoes
  2. Skate shorts
  3. Graphic Tees
  4. Skate trousers
  5. Hoodies
  6. Skate accessories

couple with skateboards in their skater outfits

For the skate accessories, you don’t need to accessorise too much. A minimalist logo cap, wallet chain, backpack, bucket hat, and bum bag are the common skate accessories.

In conclusion, you do not have to pick up a skateboard to dress like a skater. You can still rock this street fashion style and pull off a laid-back look without actually skating. The skater outfit is a perfect style for those looking for a casual and unapologetic look. If you are also looking for a skateboard, Index Skateboarding has the latest models in the market. Visit their store today!

Affordable Streetwear Brands

The streetwear phenomenon has proliferated like wildfire across the mainstream culture – a wide assortment has ushered this revolutionary episode. The mammoth task here is to discover those brands that does not compromise on their style or quality and fetch you a wide array of options without being a wound to your wallet.


The brand for the OG’s of street fashion since its inception in the 1980s. The melange made available here ranges from tees, jackets, hoodies, bottoms, hats, socks, etc. there are varied designs for tops and hoodies priced from $35 to $75. Their jackets and bottoms are on the higher end yet affordable for the selection of streetwear’s available from $48 to $145. If you have a yearning for that California vibe on a budget – Stussy is your catholicon.

10 Deep

The brand was established in the hub of streetwear fashion – New York. The band’s name is a tribute to the street term “ten people in a show of force.” The brand offers you economical and quality styles that let you flaunt your individuality ranging from hip-hop, street graffiti, punk, and skate. The price range of tops are from $35 to $88, and bottoms are priced between $76 and $179.

Dimepiece LA.

Dimepiece LA.

A tribute to all the ladies out there! Dimepiece LA is not just a seasoned streetwear brand but also possesses an experienced perspective and hence stands for advancement with an egalitarian viewpoint. They display their empowered thoughts into a melange of bodysuits, biker shorts, accessories, crop tops, and tees. Here they also offer you an economical purchase where everything is under $100 without any compromise on the quality.


This brand propelled the inception of streetwear brands exclusively for women in 2005. The LA-based brand is a tribute to the feminine power and has also formed harmonious amalgamation with other brands like the ‘40s and shorties.’ A daring brand that stands for anything feminine. The price is affordable, where everything is made available under $130.

The 40s and Shorties

They came to the fore with their humorous socks and now etched at the heart of streetwear culture. The brand creates designs that are alluring, humorous, and most significantly with an authentic representation – a novelty of their own is seen in each and every design. The wide selection varies from dope fanny packs and bottoms to funky and snappy socks to dauntless messages on t-shirts that give them their signature stature in street style. Despite such immense popularity, affordability is the most lucrative factor – an affordable budget ranging from $28 to $100.

Best Sneaker Brands to Keep You on the Run

The evolution from the running track to the runway was a gradual progression for sneakers, yet the recent years have sparked this phenomenon to its zenith – bellowing eternally. Why opt for sky-scraper heels because the unpresuming sneakers are gaining momentum, and my toes could not be more ecstatic for this comfy-shoe transition. The ultimate sassy way to present the title of I’m a cool girl to your favourite summer dresses, or skirts are furnished by pairing them with sneakers from the best sneaker brands.



The stature of being the biggest trendsetter was bestowed on Nike in 2016 when they had time travelled to the future and created the innovative Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers. This brand incorporates technological revolution – Flyknit uppers and NikeID personalization – that has bestowed on them a long track record of top-notch performance. They fashion products that are authentic and reliable. Their mastery has been a blend of retro sneakers like the Cortez and the Blazer to sneaker lineages from Air Max to Air Jordan.



The dashing innovations in footwear can be attributed to Adidas. Despite fierce competition from Nike, this brand has outstripped the other owing to the featherlight materials and stimulating sole technology. Their eternal classics are still etched in our hearts – the Superstar, Gazelle, and Stan Smith Yet, the contemporary R & D lab of the brand has been raved about, while Ultra Boost remains the gamechanger. Now, Adidas is venturing into 3D printing as a production method for seminal webbed sole units.


It is a moment of celebration when what was trendy during your grandmother’s period is still a fashion statement – and that’s converse with its global acclaim and has withstood the test of time for almost a century. The last century has revolutionized our mode of transport, television, mobile phones, and finally ushered the snowballing of the Internet – with these changing times, one thing has remained a constant, and that is Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star. The genesis of this shoe can be traced back to 1917, the iconic basketball shoe still remains the same and is s smash hit even today in the UK and the US.

Common Projects


When the luxury New York sneaker brand presented its Achilles Low model in 2004, the global market was passionate about it. The reason being this minimalist trainer and every minute detail meticulously fashioned – was simply a plain, leather sneaker, but people went nuts about it. The Italian leather, magnificent streamlined shape, and the durability made it the ideal complement from a suit to shorts.


Men’s Streetwear Trends in 2020

Am I the only person who’s left baffled at the way how my oversized shorts and patchy shirt which was looked down by folks last week, mutated to be the trending icons, the very next month? The ways of fashion have always fascinated people and moved the perspective on how people see things. Change has been that snappy word they overrule the fashion industry. You would wish to be that last person who wants to be left out in terms of fashion. Join us in checking out the latest Australian streetwear trends of the year.

The Cuban collar

Feel the gale of the Cuban beaches in ab stylish outfit. The sleek Cuban collar has been designed especially for that sexy look in the summer sun. The discrete collar and short sleeve embellish an outfit and add on a classy feel. The choice of print can be anything ranging from bold prints to plain colours. Complete the look with your best shades and chinos, donning the summer style.

Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags

Securing your things in a fashionable way can be a daunting task. The quest has been simplified with the arrival of crossbody satchels. Whether its the messenger style or much small and neater, these add up to your costume. If the strap is too long, tie a knot, and that adds up to your uniqueness.

Patchwork prints

Wear a white T-shirt with contrasting colours and collabs of all kinds, and there you have a whole outfit pop. A sinister way of modernising your traditional clothing, here you have a clear idea of flaunting yourself. Make yourself stand out with funky pants and shorts. Put on a dark shade trouser for the classy feel.


History repeats itself, and the flares are back. With a lean upper leg and an exaggerated ankle, you are sure to stand out anywhere you go. Pair up the pants with a slim fit shirt to emphasize the bell bottom. On the contrary, you can let it flow with an oversized hoodie for a casual feel.

Shield sunglasses

Sun glasses


Shield your eyes from the radiant glaze of the sun with those stylish shades. They are a fresh alternative to the traditional wear as if taken straight from the blade runner. Highly prospective and futuristic, these pair of glasses are the accessories of the season. Ranging from bright shades to something subtle, these shades truly complete your outfit.

Popular Sneaker Trends of 2020

Sneakers remain the panacea to all your flurry no matter the day, outfit, or event – sneakers prevail to be the elixir. This year’s sartorial elegance is attributed to the snazzy sneaker trends. Undoubtedly, the cure-all for every fashion scruple – adorable, comfy, and perpetually sassy. There is a gazillion of possibilities ahead of you whether you pair it with your gorgeous dress, skinny jeans, or cute wide-leg pants – you transform into a showstopper. Whether you are on a scavenger hunt for causal sneakers to compliment your quotidian life, or pilot you in your adulation for the gym, or furnishing you that polishing touch to your Instagram photoshoot – facilitated by the lockdown- the flawless stroke to that ideal wardrobe.

Let’s Time Travel

Time Travel

Loewe’s minimalist low tops have facilitated the contemporary consciousness of retro classics. Captured by the ingenuity from 70s ballet pumps and track-style sneakers, they furnish a classic and urbane variant of athleisure. Concurrently, Gucci’s tennis-shoe styles confer an exceptionally sentimental old-school vibe. Style them with track pants and a cashmere cardigan to unmask that Italian manor’s quintessential ‘preppy-chic’ vogue.

The Trendy Sneakers

In their metamorphosis from the gym to leisure essentials, sneakers have altered to being offbeat in shape and colour – with chunky-soled platform sneakers changing to the status of suave and comfy elixir to your style statements. For instance, be it Gucci’s cult lug-soled Rhyton sneakers or the retro-feel metallic Track trainers of Balenciaga presenting you with a glamorous aura when paired with off-duty denim, relaxed tailoring, and even floral or printed dresses.

The Quotidian Solution

The sports-luxe style has been made an everyday affair and easily achievable with the Pared-back designs from Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, and Common Projects. The charm of this sneaker trend is the elegant collection that ushers ceaseless adaptability. You can flaunt that flamboyant style by pairing it with tailored pants, jeans-and-a-tee, or midi dresses.

Unleash that Athletic Element in You

When it comes to choosing those ideal sneakers you can exercise in – the wide assortment provided is enormous while you make sure that you look charming, whether it is a rest day or on the run. Brands like Adidas and Nike continue to be our constant. Yet, the existence of contemporaries like APL Athletic Propulsion Labs equips us with a treasure of outlandish designs if you aspire to be the cynosure eternally. Pair them with workout clothes and step out – you will be a trendsetter.

The Must-Haves

Like the proverb elucidates, two heads are better than one – the collaboration of two creative minds is a mind-blowing collection that should be an inevitable part of your wardrobe. Adidas has collaborated with Girls Are Awesome, female empowerment movement, and unleashed their Superstar shoe – dusky pink with bold iridescent panels. Gucci has joined forces with Disney on a logo-printed tennis sneaker. Display them exuberantly paired with a midi dress or sporty shorts.

The Reformed Streetwear Lazing at the Heart of Fashion Industry

Suppose you are bored at home fighting those adventitious stress of quarantine. Don’t lose heart, revel in a luxurious sleep, and redeem your beautiful eyes from those dark crescent moons draping beneath your eyes. Be that fashionista among your friends. Let your wardrobe witness a transition from with those cosy, work-from-home outfits. And if you are taking that evening stroll down the streets once or twice a week, embark in that snazzy outfit of yours! Make ready that bold street style, from the popular neutral colour to a plethora of glimmering shades, feathered tops to bralettes that transcends to trendy when paired with a blazer.

The recent survey conducted Strategy and Hypebeast study the cultural transition and a radical change in the power balance existing between consumers and brands. The survey studied 763 individuals in the fashion industry, of which 76% resonated that they believed that streetwear would is a burgeoning sector in the fashion industry and will remain to thrive for at least another five years. Streetwear cannot be limited as a vogue within fashion. Instead, it is a remarkable shift in the mindset of people as it encompasses the essence of popular culture that spans from fashion to art and music.

Streetwear is also given the status of being democratic because it enables the consumers – a group of like-minded people, mostly young, charmed by hip hop and willing to spend on clothes with exclusivity. That fetches a sense of personal statement – they get to decide what’s popular. Thus, streetwear personifies a power transition from the organization to the consumer – the zenith of an accolade for a consumer. The reformation from an affluence model, facilitated by money, to an influence model – ushering the emergence of a counterculture. This counterculture embraced artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring while also espousing the rap culture – the prime force. The advent can be traced back to California’s surf-and-skate culture, which then drifted to New York with the birth of rap culture before ultimately gaining momentum in London and Tokyo.


The supreme brands involved Stussy, A Bathing Ape, and Supreme since they could capture the ethos of their consumers who were like minded people. They did not limit them to traditional retail channels and instead trickled a limited collection of items into stores. Finally, with the snowballing of the Internet, these like-minded people evolved into an online community mingling on forums such as NikeTalk, Sole Collector, and so on, now flourishing using social media platforms like Instagram.

The amorous relationship between hip-hop and streetwear is not a fantasy but a reality. This dominant musical form in the US is now spreading its claws to countries like China. The streetwear brands like Supreme has equipped in inspiring the mainstream fashion – gaining momentum even among the luxury labels cannot escape but glance and join hands in amalgamating the street style with the mainstream trends. The report surveyed 41,000 consumers worldwide from Asia, North America, and Europe, of which 54% reported to expend S100 to $500 every month on streetwear fashions to adorn their wardrobe.




The Popular Streetwear Brands to Turn you Snappy

The term streetwear that was defined as a hideous style comprising baggy cuts, graphic T-shirts, and sneakers has now made the vicissitude from the streets onto the runway. The universal fashion marvel of dressing for the streets has transformed casual weekend wardrobes into harmoniously curated fits. This phenomenon has proliferated like wildfire across the mainstream culture – a wide assortment has ushered this revolutionary episode.


Let the cachet of being the most voguish brand be showered on Supreme – the timeless streetwear brand established in 1994 in New York. Their logo is universally known as the Box logo, having been notoriously inspired by Barbara Kruger’s eponymic to her pop-art style. They frequently join forces with brands, including The North Face, Nike, and Vans, to furnish a harmonious melange. After purchasing 50% shares of the company in 2018 by the Carlyle Group, Supreme had assets worth $1 billion. Their popularity is ushered in by their business strategy of weekly drop business model – wherein they release brand new items in limited quantities every week. This brand is championed by Mike Tyson, Kanye West, and Travis Scott.




A new entry into the world of streetwear, yet masters this popular culture effortlessly. This brand dawned in 2013 by the seasoned designer, Virgil Abloh. This brand was his third streetwear venture after contributing to the Pyrex Vision, DJ Collective, and Been Trill. Off-white was soon in the limelight, having endorsed by ASAP Rocky and Lil Uzi Vert. The blurred lines of streetwear and mainstream fashion was ushered by the entry of Off-White in the Paris Fashion Week. Ultimately, in 2018 the menswear at Louis Vuitton was officially espoused by Virgil Abloh.


Before the Supreme or Off-White stepped into the game, the most popular brand was BAPE throughout the 2000s, endorsed by Soulja Boy, and Pharrell Williams enabled their colossal popularity. It was established in the year 1993 in Harajuku, Japan, by Nigo. The momentum for this brand was accelerated by their Camo patterns and Shark Hoodie designs. Finally, in 2011 Nigo sold the brand and initiated Human Made after taking over Uniqlo UT.

Fear of God

Fear of God


It was founded in 2013 by Jerry Lorenzo. This brand has climbed up the ladder in the past seven years, conferring its title of being the admired streetwear brand. Do you fantasy those stunning sweatpants? Then here is your magic bullet. The endorsement of this brand by Kanye West and Virgil Abloh expanded them to the zenith. He also created FOG Essentials – a secondary line of merchandise with the same available styles at a lower price. The magic they have weaved into the basics like crewnecks, hoodies, and sweatpants paired with their capability to sell at multiple price points, secures them the stature of being the most desired brand.


Zoologie Collections

Zoologie Offside Shirt Blue
  • 100% cotton oxford
  • Assymetrical gingham across front and sleeve
  • 2 different sized gingham patterns used
  • Gingham on back yoke
Zoologie Offside Shirt White
  • 100% cotton oxford
  • Assymetrical gingham across front and sleeve
  • 2 different sized gingham patterns used
  • Gingham on back yoke
Zoologie Rebound Tee Black
  • 100% cotton
  • Perforated mesh fabric on sleeves

How to Fashion your Streetwear like an Adult

Want to glance at that celebrity crush of yours when you position yourself in front of the mirror? This isn’t an arduous task; all you have to do is revamp that closet of yours, and let’s transform you into the alter ego of your favourite celebrity in your favourite athleisure trend that is effervescent and eternal. Despite streetwear being a beast that is difficult to tame with so many critical glances in your way, the hip-hop culture has revolutionized a generation to satiate in the flamboyance of baggy jeans and graphic tees.

Roister in Deluxe Fabric

The exuberance of streetwear has transcended the skatepark into elegantly fashioned hoodies, trainers, cargo trousers that have been freed from the danger on the concrete. This has been facilitated with the up-gradation of functional fabric to an opulent one. A classic element of streetwear is high-end sweatpants furnished by materials like cashmere and jersey – ushered by brands like Loro Piana and Officine Generale.

Free Yourself from Transforming to a Hypebeast


Youth culture epitomises hype in all forms, and hence you need to be well aware of the emergent trends from Supreme or Yeezy. Though this is a trend that amalgamates everyone, if you are older, the preference should be given to your style and comfort and not to the mainstream streetwear trends. Go with innovative techniques, but don’t go above-the-radar. Remain subtle about the logo because it is not about exhibiting where they are from, but the beauty lies in being asked after having witnessed that flashy style of yours.

Bottom-Up Approach

In streetwear, the cynosure remains to be your shoes, and sneakers are the real showstoppers. The line between luxury mainstream fashion and streetwear has become hazy, so you can even think of trainers from those brands that prioritise quality. Those chunky sole trainers could provide you that outlandish style of yours.

Muse on Floppy and not Baggy

Want to stress your silhouettes? Streetwear is a way of life that reverberates with individuals from all walks of life. So, think of a relaxed silhouette unlike the figure-hugging tailoring of the past and also remember that this new style that you embrace should not transform you into a slouchy figure. It’s effortless to pull of below-the-belt. For a teenager, the elixir would be an oversized bomber, while older people must try and incorporate a cropped jacket to counterbalance the looseness.