How did the Whole Beard Thing Become So Popular in Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle?

The beard trend is a new and fashionable way to have great-looking hair on your face. Men all over the world are starting to grow what some call “the manliest accessory.”

There are many reasons why the whole beard thing has become so popular in men’s fashion and lifestyle. The first, of course, is that beards are what the cool kids want. They’re what all your favorite TV stars have going on this year, what you see people sporting at music festivals, and what most models sport on runways.

In this blog post, we will discuss why beard is so popular in men’s fashion and lifestyle, as well as go into detail about what you can do with your long locks of facial hair once it starts growing out. Let’s get started!

The Popularity of Beards

It’s trendy.

TV stars, musicians and models have it going on with their beards. Many celebrities have helped popularize beard styles – some with full beards, some with goatees or mustaches.

Beard offers a sense of masculinity and maturity that gets people talking about what you’re doing in your life – or what you did last night at the party!

In recent years, facial hair has come back into style as a sign of ruggedness and masculinity. The popularity of beards in men’s fashion can be traced to the late 1800s when they became a symbol of masculinity and virility. The beard trend also started with hipsters in the 1990s.

Beards are becoming more common in women’s clothing and lifestyle too (e.g., Movember). There’s even a scientific term for bearded guys now – “the hirsute“.

man with beard

Why men choose to grow facial hair

Beards are more than just a fashion statement. People who grow beards have been found to get less colds and flu because the hairs trap heat from our face, keeping it close to us where we want it most.

Most people don’t know that beards are actually good for your health because they protect your face from UV rays, bacteria, and other harmful particles.

They may also help prevent skin irritation or inflammation in those with sensitive skin like acne-prone people by trapping oils that would otherwise irritate the pores on your neck, chin, cheeks and forehead.

Studies show that women rate bearded men as higher status males – so when you’re out there for job hunting don’t shave off what could potentially make you way more attractive!

Some people might not want to shave every day because it takes time and money; others may find that shaving irritates their skin or causes ingrown hairs.

For those who don’t like shaving, growing out facial hair can provide an alternative look without needing much effort.

Others may grow their beard longer than usual because they think it looks good on them. Still others might do it just for fun while participating in Movember during November each year.

There is no single reason why so many people wear them now – they are just another way to express oneself creatively.

The popularity of beard oil

What is beard oil and how does it help

A modern trend that has taken over the nation is the resurfacing of beard oil. For centuries, beards have been a symbol for masculinity and virility; however with recent generations where shaving is more common among men in different social classes, there was resurgence to reclaim its lost glory.

bearded man touching his beard outside

The popularity of facial hairstyles like goatees or sideburns shows an increase from last year’s numbers by nearly 10%. With increased interest comes creative innovations: companies such as Cremo recently released their newest product – Scruff Pudding- which allows you to nourish your skin while trimming away unwanted stubble before it starts sprouting up on your face!

The popularity of beard oil is what leads us to question whether or not beards are in fact a “trend” that will eventually go out, like many others before it.

Beard oil has existed for centuries and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Beard oil ingredients

Beard oil is used to moisturize and tame your beard. It has omega-3s, vitamin E, sebum (oil), and natural fragrance oils that may be calming or manly depending on the preference of the user.

Beard grooming products are a hot topic among men these days as it helps them keep their facial hair looking healthy while also feeling more comfortable in any environment!

Nowadays you can find many types of beard oil with unique ingredients like coconut oil for conditioning purposes or lavender essential oils if you want something soothing after being out all day long during the winter season.

What does beard oil do?

Bearded man in sunglasses with raised eyebrowThe top layer of your skin is composed mostly of water and lipids (fats). If you’re using a product that’s too heavy or greasy like petroleum jelly on your face, it will clog pores giving them an oily look as they trap more sebum in the follicle.

Beard oil is a great way to keep your beard healthy and looking its best. It moisturizes, conditions, tames flyaways as well as keeps the skin under the chin from becoming dry if you shave more than once per day!

Beard oils are excellent for keeping stray hairs in place while making it easier on facial hair follicles that would otherwise feel uncomfortable after shaving daily or every other day.

Beard oil will also keep your skin from becoming dry, itchy, and flaky due to the lack of natural oils.

Aside from all those benefits what makes beard oil so popular is that the look has grown in popularity over recent years as well.


There’s been a lot of talk about how popular beards have become in recent years, but is it really that big an issue?

You’ll find plenty of reasons to love beards. Some people find them more masculine or attractive than clean-shaven faces and others appreciate the natural feeling they provide when you’re wearing one on your face all day long. It doesn’t seem like there would ever come a time where we stop appreciating these facial hairstyles!

There are many reasons why beards have become so popular, but the most important is that they make a man look attractive and dominant.

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