Men’s Streetwear Trends in 2020

Am I the only person who’s left baffled at the way how my oversized shorts and patchy shirt which was looked down by folks last week, mutated to be the trending icons, the very next month? The ways of fashion have always fascinated people and moved the perspective on how people see things. Change has been that snappy word they overrule the fashion industry. You would wish to be that last person who wants to be left out in terms of fashion. Join us in checking out the latest Australian streetwear trends of the year.

The Cuban collar

Feel the gale of the Cuban beaches in ab stylish outfit. The sleek Cuban collar has been designed especially for that sexy look in the summer sun. The discrete collar and short sleeve embellish an outfit and add on a classy feel. The choice of print can be anything ranging from bold prints to plain colours. Complete the look with your best shades and chinos, donning the summer style.

Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags

Securing your things in a fashionable way can be a daunting task. The quest has been simplified with the arrival of crossbody satchels. Whether its the messenger style or much small and neater, these add up to your costume. If the strap is too long, tie a knot, and that adds up to your uniqueness.

Patchwork prints

Wear a white T-shirt with contrasting colours and collabs of all kinds, and there you have a whole outfit pop. A sinister way of modernising your traditional clothing, here you have a clear idea of flaunting yourself. Make yourself stand out with funky pants and shorts. Put on a dark shade trouser for the classy feel.


History repeats itself, and the flares are back. With a lean upper leg and an exaggerated ankle, you are sure to stand out anywhere you go. Pair up the pants with a slim fit shirt to emphasize the bell bottom. On the contrary, you can let it flow with an oversized hoodie for a casual feel.

Shield sunglasses

Sun glasses


Shield your eyes from the radiant glaze of the sun with those stylish shades. They are a fresh alternative to the traditional wear as if taken straight from the blade runner. Highly prospective and futuristic, these pair of glasses are the accessories of the season. Ranging from bright shades to something subtle, these shades truly complete your outfit.

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