How to Dress Like A Skater

Skater culture has been influencing street fashion for decades now. Since skateboarding started developing in the late 60s’ and it started carving out its own culture in the 70s’. But the culture spread very fast in the 90s when skateboarding transformed from just a sport into a global phenomenon.

How do you dress like a skater? Since the 90s, skater dressing has been evolving, but one thing that remained constant is its simplicity and laid-back vibe. Skaters still wear very practical and comfortable outfits with a casual and carefree touch.

With the growing popularity of the sport, people started embracing the skater outfit. Anyone can don a skater style. In fact, you don’t have to pick up a board to dress like a skater. You can just wear the style to look cool and have fun. If you want to dress like a skater, you need to start by understanding the culture.

Understand Skater Style and Culture

To immerse yourself into the skater fashion vibe properly, you need to understand the culture and inspiration behind the outfit. That’s how you will wear and combine the right clothes to avoid looking out of place. Skatewear is simply laid-back fashion, yet functional and practical for skateboarding and attractive to wear on the street.

In addition to that, the anti-establishment touch sets the style apart from mainstream fashion. These elements still stand out in skate dressing culture. That’s despite the coming of big brands and attracting big celebrities.

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How To Dress Like A Skater

If you want to dress like a skater, here are 5 key things you will need to consider to dress stylish but functional and practical:

1. Wear Relaxed Fit

Skate style is all about a simple and carefree vibe. A relaxed fit is what you need if you want to look like a skater. It is rare to find a skater in tight pants, and if you did, they are definitely not donning skater aesthetics. Loose shirts, oversize hoodies, relaxed trousers, graphic tees, and wide-legged cargos are the heart of skate fashion.

If you are just wearing it to look cool, you can add a bit of a modern twist to make it more appealing. You can wear tailored casualwear, baggy utility trousers and so on. Being colourful is not bad with a relaxed fit.

2. Go Logos and Graphics

As a street culture, skate style is more about looking different and unique without losing the street vibe. Logos and graphics are street elements when it comes to fashion. You cannot find a mainstream outfit in bold logos or graphics.

The use of graphics and logos in a skater outfit depends upon several things, including desired visibility. Most widely used is logos on tees. Recently, hoodiess have been popular when it comes to showing off graphics and logo. You can have the logo on the back or front.

3. Add Cargo and Utility Trousers

skateboarder in red jacket performing jump trick in urban locationIt is difficult to dissociate skateboarding from hip-hop culture. The two blends so well that adding a bit of hip-hop into your skate outfit enhances your appeal. You have plenty of hip-hop outfits you can mix with skater style, but cargo and utility trousers top the list.

The large, practical pockets and their carefree design of cargo and utility trousers make them ideal for skating style. But you need to combine them with tees or hoods to pull off a skater vibe.

4. Vintage Vibe Flat-Soled Trainer

Donning a skater style means a complete look top to bottom. This means you can’t be complete without a lovely pair of trainers. Don’t just go for any trainers out there. For safety and proper use of skateboards, low-top trainers are the best footwear for skaters. Go for vintage aesthetics since it is considered classy.

There are many trainer brands but if you want to get that cool look, go for premium brands like Puma and Nike. The colour of the trainers can also match with your tee or hood but make sure it stands out and makes a statement on its own. Make sure the sneaker is practical and comfortable for skateboarding, and stylish.

5. Cap It Up With A Cap

Finish off your skate style with a cap. This is one of the essential accessories for skaters. There are no limits on which cap to wear as long as it is simple but fashionable. Branded caps from fashion labels or companies work great. As long as the cap has a street vibe and stylish, it’s good to go.

You can have an NBA or baseball cap and still look great. The colour of the cap may not be a big issue but putting on something that blends with the rest of the outfits adds to your appeal. Some people wear beanies and still look great.

These are five key things you need to consider to pull off a skater look. The tips cover everything from the top of your head to the feet. With these tips, you can never go wrong.

How A Skater Wardrobe Look Like

The skater’s wardrobe doesn’t have to be exaggerated. Like the skate culture, simplicity and comfort come first, but you also need to look classy and elegant. For a skate style vibe, here are the main wears you need to have in your wardrobe:

  1. Skate shoes
  2. Skate shorts
  3. Graphic Tees
  4. Skate trousers
  5. Hoodies
  6. Skate accessories

couple with skateboards in their skater outfits

For the skate accessories, you don’t need to accessorise too much. A minimalist logo cap, wallet chain, backpack, bucket hat, and bum bag are the common skate accessories.

In conclusion, you do not have to pick up a skateboard to dress like a skater. You can still rock this street fashion style and pull off a laid-back look without actually skating. The skater outfit is a perfect style for those looking for a casual and unapologetic look. If you are also looking for a skateboard, Index Skateboarding has the latest models in the market. Visit their store today!

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